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Earth and family friendly gardens!


Gardens are for play! Gardens are for food! Gardens are for outdoor learning and so much more! Connections that last a lifetime happen here.

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Enabling daily interaction and exploration of nature for city children.

Gardening Lesson

Outdoors, hands-on, and fun, STEAM education

happens naturally.


Organic soil, organic food, and plenty of exercise make healthy families.

"Young, old, or in between, we can reap extraordinary benefits by connecting--or reconnecting--to nature.  For the jaded and weary among us, the outdoor world can expand our senses and reignite a sense of awe and wonder not felt since we were children; it can support better health, enhanced creativity, new careers and business opportunities, and act as a bonding agent for families and communities.  Nature can help us feel fully alive." (Louv R., 2012 The Nature Principle, pp. 5-6, Algonquin Books)

  • Provides support for all Play~Learn~Grow activities

  • Brings environmental awareness to the daily experience

  • Beckons as a permanent resource for families, nonprofits, and educators



This project is shovel ready.  

For transformative gardens and education, click the button below and lend your support.  

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