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Creating usable neighborhood gardens for city children and their families to play, learn, grow and steward the local environment. 

About Us


We exist to transform city lifestyles by creating neighborhood gardens, rich with native species, where young children can play and their families can grow food.  Our founder, a life-long resident of Elizabeth, was originally moved by the absence of nature play in the daily experience of today's city kids who need it for healthy development. This ongoing reality combined with a lack of growing space for apartment dwellers, along with rising negative health stats, are the compelling forces that drive our organization. Four residential lots have been purchased, preserved, and cleared to establish natural play spaces, food beds, and learning programs. A small eco-center will support activities of children and their families. 


We believe families are part of the local ecology with much to gain from beneficial land use and reconnection to the natural world as well as their neighbors. Combining natural play, natural learning, and natural food growing is our wholistic model.  Relevant educational resources and the daily experience can make all the difference in a neighborhood, transforming lifestyles.  

We remember exploring nature in our own neighborhood, helping with the  garden, and playing outdoors till the street lights came on. 


EC-FigTree2010-07-21 0.jpg
                         EC FIG TREE
Kid's Playing Outdoor
Child Carrying Vegetables
happy little child, baby girl laughing and playing in the autumn on the nature walk outdoo
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