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We Envision:

~ A life-transforming neighborhood where children and their families have daily

   access to an attractive, intentionally designed, garden space for playing, learning,     and growing food together.


~ Neighbors who interact with each other, actively de-stress, and build

    their own food network.

~  A venue for healthy child development/healing. 


~ Local, permanent, educational resources that support both young and old family       members, as well as educators and related nonprofits.

~ Biodiversity and local environmental stewardship as a beneficial part of daily living.


~ A vibrant community of diverse families enjoying a higher quality of city life.

Sneak Peek: A section of the children's play gardens

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LOCATION:  Third Avenue at Redcliffe & Doyle Streets

                   Elizabeth, New Jersey  07206


This project is shovel ready!  Click below to
transform the daily experience of children and their families, right in the neighborhood, where real change happens.



The EC's Outdoor Learning Gardens have fourteen play and learn settings for young children supported by Eco-center resources. An attached pavilion facilitates group visits, educators, and collaborative programs. If your program can benefit from a nearby Eco-center with outdoor play and learn space, contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!


Girl with Autumn Leaf
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